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Net-a-Porter Porter Magazine (Aug 2014). Featured as one of the three "blue-sky thinkers", or people who have dedicated their careers to a "bold, long-term aim" in their respective field.


MediaPost: It's Time for Brands to Tale Wearables to the Next Level
Bouncily: 17 Influencers Shaping Wearable Technology in 2015
Wired Magazine: A Smart Necklace That's Like a Locket for the 21st Century, Sept 16, 2014
Artefact: Purple, A Modern Take on the Timeless Locket, Sept 2014
Net-a-Porter Porter Magazine, Aug 2014: The Big Idea
Art Center: The Dot: Wearing your heart rate on your sleeve: Inside the wearable tech revolution
The Hollywood Reporter: CES Panel: Make Wearables Meaningful Or Risk Novelty
The Telegraph: Why is Wearable Technology So Damn Ugly?
Fast Company: People Are Getting Buzzed On These New Haptic Feedback Devices
The Telegraph: Why is wearable technology so damn ugly?
BusinessWeek: Wearable Tech Inspires a Shoe, Clothing Design Push
Upstart: Getting into wearable tech? Good looks required
New York Times: Gauging the Natural, and Digital, Rhythms of Life
Wall Street Journal: Edgy Gadgets at Texas Festival
JWT Intelligence: Q&A interview with Jennifer Darmour
FastCompany, Co.Design: 3 Ways to Make Wearable Tech Actually Wearable
Wall Street Journal: Edgy Gadgets at Texas Festival
CNET: When wearable computing meets the Pilates shirt
Geekwire: How technology will soon be stitched into our lives
Forbes: The Future of Fashion – Download File and Print
Engadget Distro #70 Wearable Tech Issue: Our Augmented Selves, The Promise of Wearable Computing
CNET: My Life As A Cyborg
Fast Company Design: 4 Rules For Designing Wearable Tech That People Will Actually Wear<
Wired Magazine UK Sept 2012 Issue: Smart Attire Required
Functional Aesthetics, Visions in Fashionable Technology
Is Technology Ready To Wear?
Wearable Tech: It’s about Access to Information about the Body
Art Center Dotted Line: Dressing for Access
NewWebPick issue #30
Thinkmag issue #5
Interview: Fashioning Technology
Interview: iHeartSwitch

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