A healthy state of mind

Technology, demanding jobs, social and family pressures, and other variables are making it more and more difficult to manage our health, especially our state of mind.

Stress and anxiety is a major epidemic in the US and around the world. There are so many factors that go into staying mentally balanced and getting off-balance can result in chronic conditions, physical injury, depression, and even obesity.

Elements is a new experience that understands and learns about your environment and how it effects your state of mind. Unlike fitness devices out there today that focus on your physical well-being, Elements collects environmental data and combines it with your personal biometric data to track and determine what environmental factors affect your state of mind both positively and negatively so that you can make adjustments to feel healthier, happier and more well balanced.


Key highlights


Keep Track of Environmental Elements

So many wearable technology devices focus on the self and biometrics that impact your physical health. Elements focuses more outwardly and collects environmental data in addition to biometric data that keeps track of how the environment is effecting your overall state of mind.


Get Suggestions on What Affects You

Elements finds trends and patterns in the environmental and biometric data that is collects and gives you suggestions on what you are doing and what you need to do to keep a healthy state of mind.


See Trends and Get Predictions

Elements gives you an all-up view that lets you easily see patterns and trends on what effects your state of mind, all in one simple at-a-glance view.


Make it an Expression of You

Elements fits into your lifestyle, not the other way around. The device that includes the environmental and biometric sensors is incorporated into a beautiful object that you want to wear. It's fashion first, technology second.


Set Goals For a Healthy State of Mind

Elements lets you set goals based on what matters to you, track them, and focus on achieving them. Choose any goal based on what you need such as Balance, Calm, Inspiration, Productivity, etc. It's up to you to decide and the experience adjust to your own unique goals.


Stay in Your Healthy Zone

Health is all about keeping all the variables of life in a healthy zone. Elements helps you do this and allows you to see what is within, accedes, or is below your healthy zone so that you can adjust and make improvements toward a healthy state of mind.