- Introducing -


Authentic Beauty

Creating authentic beauty by blending technology and artisanship.


Technology has become ubiquitous. It is all around us. It is extremely personal. It is part of us. We have proven we can interact with technology. Now it can interact with us – inspiring a new universe of opportunities – for self-expression, real problem solving and more meaningful experiences. At Electricfoxy we call this authentic beauty, which we believe is made possible when technology is purposefully blended with craft and artisanship.



Creating authentically beautiful products enabled by technology requires balance. Old with new. Physical with digital. Feasible with desirable. Instead of cramming every possible feature into a product, we create harmony between just the right functionality and the unexpected delight it creates. We balance engineering, industrial design, artisanship, and material science to reinvent technology products that anticipate our needs and desires.



Our products celebrate the underdogs, the independents, and the small and local shops who share our approach. Craftsmanship doesn’t have to mean handmade. We apply artisanship to industrial processes to create goods that challenge how we define technology products today. The results are modern products that respect the past, blend emotion and utility, and make the mundane delightful.


Our inspiration is authentic beauty. Our approach is balance. Our products are a way of life.